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killerwife 3b79213ac7 SH: Add delays to talon king ikiss blink 2 days ago
killerwife 4ac2d20d85 Arca: Make harbinger skyriss copies be aoe immune 2 days ago
killerwife 85510bc577 Loot: Add more error handling for loot opcodes 4 days ago
_daanieL 91f5d16d6e
rework the arcatraz intro script, using spawn_group and worldstates (#677)
* Add a better handling for Arcatraz Intro

1 Protean Nightmare respawns as long the Arcatraz Defenders are alive
9 Protean Horrors respawn as long both Arcatraz Warden groups are alive

All handled via database now

* correct worldstates

* changes code requested in comments

* Prevent xp/rep farm exploit

* tab
2 weeks ago
killerwife 65c4966bdb Fix Creature::ClearTemporaryFaction
Idk when i did this
3 weeks ago
killerwife 2709cf19d2 Network: Resolve asumption that is_open checks for actual connection 3 weeks ago
killerwife 77ce758b92 GO: Add missing reset timer to previous commit 3 weeks ago
killerwife 8b5d5c89d8 Scripts: Added skipping to all logs which skip the addition of given script 3 weeks ago
killerwife 299e73b2c4 GO: Add script for bubbly fissure to recast debuff on players nearby
Do not ask me why its meant to be like this
3 weeks ago
killerwife 7ead805b4a Add missing spell for trigger 28114 3 weeks ago
killerwife 8a7dcee905 Add missing morph spells 3 weeks ago
killerwife 8c9a99efb8 Add s.20693 3 weeks ago
killerwife b980f8167c Scripts: Make SCRIPT_COMMAND_DESPAWN_SELF reflect core impl 3 weeks ago
killerwife 537d728073 AI: Resolve errors with combat timers
Refactored existing use of enterevademode
Split reset of timer between just respawned - all timers
evade - ooc/combat timers

1 month ago
killerwife 762f49f34f Anticheat: Add warning and safeguard against no result for warden_scans 1 month ago
killerwife 06dc783339 SSC: Fix hydross spell list ids 1 month ago
_daanieL da4e32fdf2
Botanica - add intro trigger for bloodwarder protector group running … (#674)
* Botanica - add intro trigger for bloodwarder protector group running out of laj room

* readd gm check
1 month ago
killerwife c16140721e Creature: Roll back stamina usage until more is known 1 month ago
killerwife e073f1d78c Creature: Partly reconcile stat calculations with pet
1 month ago
_daanieL a493b3c8e0
Botanica: Fix missing intro (#673) 1 month ago
_daanieL 1626889146
The Botanica - Arcane Devastation should always remove Arcane Resonance (#672)
* The Botanica - Arcane Devastation should always remove Arcane Resonance

This spell gets used by Commander Sarannis

* typo

* more typo
2 months ago
_daanieL 2e05b5c28c
The Botanica - Bloodwarder Protector group intros (#671)
* Add trigger coords, and string_ids for bloodwarder protector intros

add first intro

* Add all triggers

* correct code
2 months ago
insunaa eb8dc14a9d Compiler: Fix various warnings 2 months ago
insunaa f2717f30e0 Compiler: Fix warnings in shadow_labyrinth.h 2 months ago
killerwife d16f98af42 Transports: Remove redundant typedef 2 months ago
killerwife beca7407ee AQ: Resolve wipe accumulating guids on ossirian
2 months ago
Flekz e1b0e08e70 Magmadar panic should have a higher cooldown 2 months ago
killerwife 7d168e2b5b Creature: Resolve issues causing mobs not spawning with full health and power 2 months ago
killerwife 52db10a77b Creature: Fix typo in update 2 months ago
killerwife 4449230f39 Creature: I hate safe mode 2 months ago
killerwife 9428b7d69a Spell: Add check for cancel aura when no icon
2 months ago
killerwife 14cc30ef46 Creature: Add proper mage str formula 2 months ago
Flekz 26141987da playerbots: Fix chat commands for group to not be sent into all the raid members 2 months ago
killerwife e483ab6f8d [s2479] Creature: Move from an adhoc model to probability model for displayids
Rename is per official naming
ModelId is smth different
2 months ago
killerwife 956579b608 Creature: Fix CLS reading mistake 2 months ago
killerwife dfb8be23bf Fix merge error due to previous commit 2 months ago
killerwife e955409c4c [s2478] Creature: Implement base stat usage for npcs
Works retroactively with old data since that one was correct for what we had
2 months ago
Limezero 43f302875c Playerbots: Fix build error caused by iterator refactor
Recently, `GetPlayerBotsBegin()` and `GetPlayerBotsEnd()` were removed from the PlayerBots code in favor of a new function called `ForEachPlayerbot()`. `ChatHandler.cpp` seems to have been the only file that was using the old functions, everything builds fine with this fix.
2 months ago
killerwife 4a6e4f7c06 Spell: Add usage of SPELL_ATTR_EX3_IGNORE_CASTER_AND_TARGET_RESTRICTIONS to checking immune on target 2 months ago
insunaa e03f672838
Fix failed cherry-pick 2 months ago
insunaa 53a380132e
Chat/GM: Add unkillable command
2 months ago
killerwife 05820e3425 Instance: Do not trigger ::AddInstanceEvent as GM 2 months ago
killerwife 5a6e5dc8af Add missing table to creature_template due to alter table
@insunaa for finding
2 months ago
killerwife 10ffb3af21 Instance: Fix ::AddInstanceEvent only going off once 2 months ago
killerwife 2e63fb80b0 Botanica: Add missing files in previous commit 2 months ago
killerwife c91fa41e74 Instance: Implement partially generalized example for triggering events based on locations player enter
Basically idea is serverside areatriggers
2 months ago
Flekz 62636be71a Playerbots: Move durability loss logic into bot method 3 months ago
killerwife b7886070de [s2477] Creature: Add CharmedSpellList shorthand during charm
Common and confirmed on reference
3 months ago
Flekz fc48782065 Playerbots: Handle spell item requirements by the bot system 3 months ago
killerwife 161d94b041 Spell/Unit: Fix default for coefficient being 0 and fix coeff for npc pets

3 months ago