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# Lineendings
*.sln eol=crlf
*.vcproj eol=crlf
*.vcxproj* eol=crlf
src/shared/revision_nr.h eol=lf
src/shared/revision_sql.h eol=lf
# Whitespace rules
# strict (no trailing, no tabs)
*.cpp whitespace=trailing-space,space-before-tab,tab-in-indent,cr-at-eol
*.h whitespace=trailing-space,space-before-tab,tab-in-indent,cr-at-eol
# normal (no trailing)
*.sql whitespace=trailing-space,space-before-tab,cr-at-eol
*.txt whitespace=trailing-space,space-before-tab,cr-at-eol
# special files which must ignore whitespace
*.patch whitespace=-trailing-space