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Flekz 62cb97ac64 Playerbots integration 3 months ago
DB_Tools [s2281] DBScripts: Implement SCRIPT_COMMAND_SEND_MAIL 9 years ago
backporting Automatically get repository string in commit log tool 9 years ago
cleanupTools Extract Astyle config file to quickly run it with default settings 9 years ago
convertConditions [s1918] Update Authorship information 11 years ago
dbcEditer Word decontamination: The blue word, three letters and BNet 3 years ago
dbcformat [s0724] Remove tail whitespaces. 14 years ago
extractor [Core/Build] Increase minimum requirement for CMAKE version 11 months ago
extractor_scripts Extractor scripts: fix bad command arg generation 9 months ago
git_id Increase minimum version of cmake for git id 2 years ago
iteminstance_converter [s2420] Deleted data blob in item_instance 4 years ago
mmap Playerbots integration 3 months ago
mysql_to_pgsql Experimental MinGW support preparation: extractors and tools 7 years ago
recastdemomod [Tool] Add hit for liquid mesh 11 months ago
soap [s1918] Update Authorship information 11 years ago
vmap_assembler tryfix release not building with extractors 2 years ago
vmap_extractor Fixed error handling in 9 months ago
.gitignore [s1947] Add a helper script to easily merge topic branches and pull-requests 11 years ago [s1946] Add helper script to easily create a topic branch 11 years ago Change permissions of to make it executable on *NIX 5 years ago